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Montecito Lean-To Greenhouses

DIY Aluminum Lean-To Greenhouse Kits

At SB Greenhouses, our mission is to help as many people as possible discover the joy of home gardening no matter what climate they live in. That’s why we’ve dedicated the past 45 years to building beautiful, high-quality backyard greenhouse kits fit for almost any climate in the country, and why we put immense effort into constructing each of our greenhouses with craftsmanship, care, and quality. Few things are as enjoyable as raising year after year of crops in your own backyard, but many people just don’t have the yard space for a freestanding backyard greenhouse – and that’s where a lean-to greenhouse can really shine.

Item Price
6x8 $1850
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6x20 $3550
9x8 $3065
9x12 $3625
9x16 $4235
9x20 $4785
9x24 $5390
12x12 $4345
12x16 $4975
12x20 $5825
12x24 $6815

Build Your Own Aluminum Lean-To Greenhouse

Our Montecito Lean-To Greenhouses are a perfect solution for someone who wants a space and energy-efficient greenhouse that they can enjoy for years to come. While our freestanding Montecito greenhouses are perfect for someone with a large backyard, our lean-to greenhouse kits can be built against the side of your house, barn, or any other structure on your property, letting you save space while still growing the beautiful crops you’d expect from a Santa Barbara Greenhouse.

With a high-quality lean-to greenhouse, you get the benefit of saving space and potentially saving energy. Because the greenhouse is built against the side of your home or barn, you maximize space efficiency and limit the footprint of your greenhouse overall. Imagine turning an unused alleyway beside your house into your own personal oasis of ripe vegetables and beautiful orchids! Additionally, lean-to greenhouses allow you to heat the greenhouse with the ambient heat from your house. While this is never as effective as a purpose-built climate control system, for warmer climates, this can sometimes be enough. Even if you do opt for a climate control system, you’ll save energy because the system will benefit from ambient heat from your house.

We can also construct an aluminum lean-to greenhouse against a side door of your home, which means you can walk directly from your house into your greenhouse. Imagine waking up on a cold winter morning, walking downstairs, and stepping into your own personal oasis of vibrant flowers, succulent fruits and vegetables, and a perfect temperature of 77ΒΊ F – all without needing to walk through the cold outside. With a lean-to greenhouse, it’s fully possible.

The Same Quality Your Trust

Our aluminum lean-to greenhouses come with all the benefits of our regular Montecito aluminum greenhouse kits. You’ll get our exclusive, heavy-duty Insalume frame, which uses of 8mm Twin-Wall polycarbonate siding to ensure maximum climate protection. Plus, because we use a sturdy grade of pre-cut aluminum, your greenhouse will literally last forever – the frame will even outlast the polycarbonate panels on the sides of the greenhouse!

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Home gardening is a passion you’ll enjoy for your whole life long, and if you’ve been considering getting a greenhouse for your backyard but want to save on space and energy, our Montecito aluminum lean-to greenhouse kit is perfect for you. Feel free to request a copy of our product catalog completely free of charge, which will give you everything you need to know about our greenhouses, or just call us at 800.544.5276 with any questions. As always, we look forward to hearing from you, and we’re excited to help you on your journey of home gardening!