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Standard Model Specials
Size Double Wall 4MM Double Wall 6MM Polycarbonate
7' Wide X 8' Long $2827 $3302
7' Wide X 12' Long $3827 $4311
7' Wide X 16' Long $4138 $5177
7' Wide X 20' Long $4917 $5584
9' Wide X 8' Long $3479 $4103
9' Wide X 12' Long $4580 $5242
9' Wide X 16' Long $5010 $6200
9' Wide X 20' Long $6053 $6899
14' Wide X 12' Long $6113 $7139
14' Wide X 16' Long $6556 $8091
14' Wide X 20' Long $7732 $9244
14' Wide X 24' Long $9672 $10752

DIY Backyard Greenhouse Kit Packages

At SB Greenhouses, we’ve been building world-class Redwood and aluminum greenhouses for over 40 years – and if you have any questions about our products, owning your own greenhouse, or backyard gardening in general, we’re always standing by to help. Don’t hesitate to call us at 800.544.5276 with any questions, and if you’d like to see everything we have to offer, just request your free copy of our complete product catalog. In it, you’ll find detailed information about all the greenhouses we have to offer – including our standard model package special.

Beautiful, Complete Redwood DIY Greenhouse Kit

Here’s what comes with every size of our Standard Model Specials Package:

  1. Our Standard Redwood Greenhouse
  2. Pair of California Redwood Benches
  3. Automatic Mist System
  4. Exhaust Fan
  5. Thermostat
  6. Heavy Duty Heater
  7. Automatic Shutter for Air Circulation
  8. Sunscreen Shade Cloth

If you order now we’ll even cover the cost of shipping – a potential savings of up to $2500 or more.

Our number one priority is quality – and nowhere is that more apparent than in our Redwood DIY backyard greenhouse package. We use only the finest, clear-or-better California redwood in our greenhouses, ensuring a craftsman-quality product that’s easy to assemble at home and will bring you decades of enjoyment.

Our Complete Greenhouse and Climate Control Package gives you everything you need to grow gorgeous plants, fresh fruits, and tropical flowers in your own backyard, no matter what the climate. You’ll get one of our gorgeous Redwood Greenhouses and a full assortment of controls, letting you create a tropical oasis right in your backyard.

Contact Your Backyard Greenhouse Experts

Our greenhouses are some of the best on the market today, and if you’re interested in owning one for yourself, we’re always happy to speak with you. You can request our full product catalog completely free for a complete overview of our greenhouses, or if you have questions, just call us today at 800-544-5276 with any questions or to place an order. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we hope your greenhouse brings you many, many years of gorgeous plants!