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Complete Aluminum Greenhouse Package

Everything You Need for a DIY Greenhouse

The Montecito greenhouse will provide a safe haven where you can grow beautiful plants year-round no matter the climate, and our aluminum greenhouse benches elevate your plants so they’re surrounded by warm, humid air that helps them grow – and keeps them off the ground, where crop-killing cold can leak in.

Our complete package is a one-stop solution for constructing a DIY greenhouse. You’ll receive:

  • Our durable, heavy-duty Montecito “Insalume” frame
  • Our 8mm double-wall polycarbonate sidings to insulate your greenhouse
  • Two of our sturdy, durable aluminum benches.
  • Automatic mist system
  • Exhaust fan
  • Thermostat and heavy duty heater
  • Automatic shutter
  • Sunscreen shade cloth

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Home gardening is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We’re proud to put love, quality, and care into every DIY greenhouse we produce, and we strive to make every one of our products a true testimony to the quality on which we’ve built our company over the past 45 years. If you’d like to learn more about our backyard greenhouses or order a DIY greenhouse kit for your own home, we encourage you to order your free copy of our product catalog, or give us a call at 800.544.5276. With your own backyard greenhouse, you’ll be able to grow beautiful crops like never before!

Item Lean-to Prices Free Standing Prices
6×8 $3369 $3656
6×12 $4243 $4963
6×16 $4978 $5841
6×20 $5917 $7033
9×8 $5095 $5479
9×12 $6362 $6668
9×16 $7133 $7301
9×20 $8140 $8272
9×24 $9450 $9623
12×12 N/A N/A
12×16 N/A N/A
12×20 N/A N/A
12×24 N/A N/A
15×12 N/A $7879
15×16 N/A $8974
15×20 N/A $10456
15×24 N/A $12096

DIY Aluminum Greenhouse Kits for Any Climate

Home gardening is a lifelong passion that brings hours of rewarding, relaxing enjoyment for years on end – and few things make home gardening as pleasurable as a quality greenhouse. At SB Greenhouses, we’ve spent nearly half a decade constructing high-quality, functional, and beautiful greenhouse kits for home gardeners all across the country. We select only the finest materials for our DIY greenhouse kits, and we pre-cut and pre-drill every piece in our Santa Barbara factory so home assembly is easy. If you’re looking for a simple, turnkey solution that provides everything you need to setup and garden in your own backyard greenhouse, our Complete Aluminum Greenhouse Package has it all.

A Durable Aluminum Greenhouse in Your Own Backyard

Our Complete Aluminum Greenhouse Package comes complete with everything you need to set up your own aluminum greenhouse in the comfort of your backyard. This kit features our Montecito freestanding greenhouse, which is one of the most durable and climate-resistant home greenhouses on the market. Constructed from a weather-resistant “Insalume” aluminum frame, our aluminum greenhouses feature 8mm double-walled polycarbonate sidings, providing maximum protection from cold, wind, and climate. Whether you need to protect your plants from frigid winters or the hot desert sun, our Montecito aluminum greenhouse provides the protection you need to grow beautiful crops for years to come.