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Deluxe Redwood Greenhouse Benches

Build Your Own Backyard Greenhouse Today!

We’ve helped countless home gardeners grow plants they never thought possible in their own backyard greenhouse, and whether you have decades of gardening experience or are just getting started planting your first seeds, we’d be thrilled to help you do the same. Call us today at 800.544.5276 with any questions about our products, or if you’d like to get a full overview of everything we have to offer, request your free copy of our complete product catalog today. We’re looking forward to helping you grow lush, gorgeous crops of exotic plants, delicious fruits and vegetables, and fresh-cut flowers – right from your own backyard greenhouse!

Size Price
4′ Long- Pair $210
8′ Long- Pair $310
12′ Long- Pair $415
16′ Long- Pair $560
20′ Long- Pair $695
24′ Long- Pair $870
28′ Long- Pair $995
32′ Long- Pair $1150

DIY Redwood Greenhouses for Your Backyard

Home gardening is a rewarding pursuit that can bring hours of enjoyment for decades – and at SB Greenhouses, we’re committed to helping our customers experience all the joy that home gardening has to offer. As a creator of artisan-quality DIY backyard greenhouse kits for nearly half a century, we’ve honed our greenhouses to be some of the best on the market today, and we place a singular focus on quality and craftsmanship. We use nothing but the best clear or better California redwood in our backyard greenhouses, and every part is pre-cut and pre-drilled in our factory to make assembly in your backyard a breeze. If you really want to grow the best plants possible, though, you’ll need more than just a greenhouse. Our Deluxe Redwood Greenhouse Benches are designed to help you grow gorgeous plants all year round – and they’ll last you for decades.

Protect Your Plants with Greenhouse Benches

Having benches in your greenhouse is a prerequisite to growing exotic fruits and vegetables and gorgeous fresh flowers throughout the year, as without benches, there’s nothing to protect your plants from the cold and moisture that can seep in through the floor of your greenhouse. Elevating your plants on a bench ensures they get the best possible growth environment, helping you cultivate gorgeous tropical plants even in the middle of a harsh winter.

Unfortunately, however, most greenhouse benches on the market are shoddy and cheaply designed. Made from wires no thicker than a coat hanger, many benches carry the risk of falling over and killing your plants, and often, they’ll deteriorate less than a year after purchase. At SB Greenhouses, we wanted to create something different.

Top-Notch Quality Redwood Greenhouse Benches

Instead of poor-quality benches made from shoddy materials, we’ve created our Deluxe Redwood Greenhouse Benches to the same exacting standard of timeless quality as our Deluxe Redwood Greenhouse Kits. We start with incredible materials, using nothing but clear-grade-or-better California redwood, which is as durable and long lasting as it is gorgeous to look at. We’ve constructed our Deluxe benches to be some of the deepest, sturdiest, and longest-lasting we offer, which means when you buy our Deluxe Redwood Greenhouse Benches, you’ll get to enjoy superlative quality for decades of home gardening. Furthermore, unlike our competitors, our benches are designed to be bolted into the floor of your greenhouse, providing unparalleled support and stability and protecting your plants from falls and other problems. This means that with our Deluxe Redwood Greenhouse Benches, your plants are truly protected and ready to flourish in the environment of your greenhouse – and you’ll get to enjoy them for season after season after season of growing lush, gorgeous plants in the comfort of your backyard.