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Building Your Own Greenhouse
Building Your Own Greenhouse

The polycarbonate covering used in our standard kits is clear and capable of transmitting 95% of the sunlight to the things you like to grow. It’s corrugated for strength and is able to capture the full spectrum of light while eliminating the transmission of ultraviolet rays. If you want to build a greenhouse and are exploring sources on how to make a greenhouse from scratch, the standard home greenhouse kit might just be the best solution for you. The frames are pre-drilled, and the materials are of the highest quality so you can be sure that after building your own greenhouse you’ll be growing things in it for years to come.

How to make a greenhouse easily

In addition to the corrugated polycarbonate, these standard kits also can be fitted with a 6 mm double wall of polycarbonate, an ingenious yet economical solution. This is because air is trapped between the double panels and acts as an insulator. Climate control is much less costly, and that means you’ll have more capital to spend on those wonderful organic tomatoes and gorgeous orchids. And because the framing has been engineered for extra strength to support these double walls, you’ll find building your own greenhouse from this kit a uniquely satisfactory experience. The hardware comes to you already sorted so that you won’t spend hours looking for the right bolt, and the finest clear California redwood comes cut and drilled, ready for assemble. You might just be surprised at how all of the sudden you know how to make a greenhouse. And then you’ll be pleased at how soon thereafter it will be all ready for you to test out your green thumb


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