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Seasonal Gardening Tips for Fall
Seasonal Gardening Tips for Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and we know that many home gardeners across the nation are welcoming the new season with mixed feelings. While we all love the gorgeous changing scenery, fall also signals the end of the flowers and fruits of summer – but it’s also a great opportunity to plan ahead to your spring garden and continue cultivating your plants. At SB Greenhouses, we’re proud to help gardeners all over the nation grow beautiful, lush crops in our DIY backyard greenhouses. So to help make your garden grow a little better, here are our tips for gardening in the fall.

Use Your Leaves

When the leaves start to fall, your instinct may be to rake them into piles and jump in them before tossing them into garbage bags – but hold that rake! While you’ll need to rake leaves over perennial plants and grass lawns to prevent rot, you can let alone leaves that fall under trees and shrubs. These will break down into compost, returning vital nutrients to the soil and making next spring even more prolific.

Don’t Lose Your Herbs

Growing a tasty herb garden? You don’t have to start over after winter ends! Dig up your herbs and transplant them into pots to keep them growing inside during the winter. Just keep them in a cool, sunny place and make sure the soil dries completely between watering.

Plant Bulbs for Spring

Want to announce the coming of spring with triumphant flowers? Then it’s time to plant some bulbs! Try to shop for bulbs early on to get the best selection, and plant them a good couple months before the first frost. When spring arrives, you’ll already have a head start on your gardening.

Get a Beautiful Redwood Greenhouse for Your Backyard

Of course, if you want to keep growing luscious plants during the winter, nothing beats an SB Greenhouse. Our greenhouses use only the finest materials, and we pre-cut and pre-drill every piece with care in our Santa Monica factory. Even in cold climates, home gardeners can continue enjoying the gardening process with a sturdy Montecito aluminum greenhouse, and our climate control equipment will help you keep the heat up in your greenhouse to protect your plants. Interested in learning more? Just request a free copy of our product catalog or give us a call at 800.544.5276. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy preparing your garden for the fall!


This post was written by SB Greenhouses