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Complete Deluxe Greenhouse Kits

Build Your Own Backyard Redwood Greenhouse

Nothing lets you grow gorgeous, luscious plants year after year quite like a backyard greenhouse, and our Deluxe Freestanding Greenhouse is the cream of the crop for DIY greenhouses. If you have any questions about our Deluxe kit, how it compares to our Standard Redwood Greenhouses, or what it means to choose glass or polycarbonate sidings, we’re always happy to speak with you – just give us a call at 800.544.5276. To learn even more about our DIY backyard greenhouse kits, you can request your free copy of our complete product catalog. In it, you’ll find everything you need to make the perfect choice for your backyard greenhouse and to start growing gorgeous fruits, vegetables, and flowers all year long.

Size (no doors in 4′ widths) Complete parts kit you assemble panels Completely finished panels ready to bolt together
4′ Wide X 8′ Long $2460 $3374
4′ Wide X 12′ Long $2970 $3684
4′ Wide X 16′ Long $3665 $3994
4′ Wide X 20′ Long $4410 $4300
4′ Wide X 24′ Long $5275 $5140
6′ Wide X 8′ Long $2980 $3638
6′ Wide X 12′ Long $3440 $4360
6′ Wide X 16′ Long $3879 $4666
6′ Wide X 20′ Long $4475 $5300
6′ Wide X 24′ Long $5230 $5900
9′ Wide X 8′ Long $3450 $4655
9′ Wide X 12′ Long $4045 $5474
9′ Wide X 16′ Long $5230 $7050
9′ Wide X 20′ Long $6270 $8480
9′ Wide X 24′ Long $7260 $9750
12′ Wide X 8′ Long $4180 $5350
12′ Wide X 12′ Long $5220 $6740
12′ Wide X 16′ Long $6845 $8350
12′ Wide X 20′ Long $8140 $10350
12′ Wide X 24′ Long $9925 $12350

Beautiful Redwood Greenhouse Kits with Glass or Polycarbonate Sidings

At SB Greenhouses, we’ve built our reputation on constructing durable, high-quality, and beautiful backyard greenhouses for nearly 50 years. As passionate home gardeners ourselves, we understand the joy and enjoyment that home gardening can bring, and we strive to construct world-class DIY greenhouse kits that let our customers grow luscious crops the whole year round – no matter the climate. A backyard greenhouse is truly an investment that pays off in years of happy hours and beautiful plants, and we’re proud to provide some of the most durable, high-quality home greenhouses on the market today.

Our Complete Freestanding Deluxe Greenhouse Kit

Our Deluxe Freestanding Greenhouse is like the Cadillac of backyard greenhouses: in every way, it’s designed to be something you cherish for years. Made from the highest-grade clear California Redwood, our Deluxe Greenhouse is built to withstand the pressures of climate while still looking gorgeous in any backyard. We precision cut and shape every panel and part in our Santa Barbara factory to make assembly easy, and we’ve packed our Deluxe Greenhouse with features you’ll enjoy season after season. The full-scale, framed glass door provides a picturesque look that’s as beautiful from the outside as the inside, and our floor and ceiling vents allow vital air circulation to help you grow the healthiest plants you can. Truly, our Deluxe Greenhouse is the perfect place to raise beautiful plants – and you’ll enjoy hours of gardening in your new greenhouse for years to come.

Glass vs. Polycarbonate Greenhouse Sidings

By default, our Deluxe Redwood Greenhouse comes with gorgeous tempered glass sides and a fiberglass roof, striking a perfect balance of aesthetics and protection. We use the highest-quality tempered glass possible, allowing for unbeatable clarity and visibility, and our double-walled option provides superior thermal protection. We also use thicker, more durable glass in our siding: while most greenhouses use 3mm glass, our glass walls are each 4.7mm thick, providing added durability and protection.

However, with our Deluxe model greenhouse, you have the option to choose our heavy-duty, 6MM twin-wall polycarbonate sidings as well. While not as clear as glass, Polycarbonate is thicker, more durable, and provides unbeatable thermal insulation from both heat and cold. Polycarbonate is ideal in colder climates when you need to save heat and protect your plants during winter, and it’s also ideal in hot desert environments where strong sunlight can scorch plants. No matter which you choose, you’ll be on your way to growing the most beautiful plants you ever have – and if you need help deciding, we’re only a phone call away.