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Our History

Quality DIY Greenhouses Since 1972

At SB Greenhouses, quality is our number one concern – and it has been since we started building out very first backyard greenhouses almost half a century ago. What started as a humble backyard operation has grown into a thriving business, and we’re extremely proud of how we’ve helped so many people discover the magic of growing beautiful, bountiful crops in their own backyard greenhouse. But while we have a variety of products that we ship all across the country and our own company showroom in Oxnard today, we weren’t always so well-equipped. In fact, we came from very humble beginnings.

Backyard Greenhouses That Started in Our Own Backyard

In 1972, my father, Victor, built himself a greenhouse in his backyard as part of his hobby of home gardening. In truth, this was a pleasure project: he loved to garden and wanted his own greenhouse, but he wasn’t satisfied with the selection available on the market, so he built his own. But after building that first greenhouse for himself, he realized he might be onto something – and he wanted to share his passion with others.

With his first greenhouse completed, he continued building greenhouses out of his backyard for other people. In the beginning, his clients were mostly friends and family. But word spread, and he started getting more and more orders – and after about a year or so of building these greenhouses in his backyard, the neighbors started to get tired of all the trucks and construction noises in the neighborhood. It was time to expand.

Vic moved his operation into a tiny, 1200 square foot industrial building; the only one he could really afford. The space was extremely cramped with all the materials and equipment crammed inside, and there was not outdoor construction yard – so you can imagine how bad the sawdust got! Nonetheless, he continued on with his mission, building beautiful, craftsman quality greenhouses for a growing list of clients.

Business continued to grow, and after 10 years in that tiny little building, Vic moved into another industrial building in Camarillo. This one was 4,000 square feet, which was a major improvement – but still, unfortunately, has no outdoor construction yard. There was more space, but indoor construction still meant working conditions were less than ideal.

He continued in that building for another 10 years, until finally, SB Greenhouses had grown enough to move into our current facility: a beautiful industrial complex with a spacious outdoor yard for construction and an elegant indoor showroom where we can display all of our greenhouses to clients and those looking to learn more about high-quality greenhouses. We’ve been in this building for more than 20 years, and we’re still very happy here – and every greenhouse we make is crafted and constructed with care and love right here in our yard. The best part? Our current facility is only a bit down the road from that first, 1,200 square foot building – a humbling reminder of our beginnings and how far we’ve come.

Our Continued Commitment to Quality

Today, we continue to build beautiful, high-quality greenhouses and DIY greenhouse kits in our facility, making each one with the same care, attention, and quality that went into Vic’s first backyard greenhouse all those years ago. Over our 45+ year history, we’ve had an incredible journey of growth, and we’re eternally grateful to you – our customers – for making it possible. As a token of our thanks, we try to make every greenhouse to a truly superlative standard of quality: creating these greenhouses for almost half a century has brought us near limitless joy, and we want you to be able to experience the joy of backyard gardening for years to come in your own beautiful backyard greenhouse.

Contact Your DIY Greenhouse Kit Experts

Whether you’re just beginning the journey of home gardening or have been raising lush crops for decades, we’re always happy to connect with home gardening enthusiasts and help you along in your journey. If you’d like to find out more about the beautiful greenhouses we’ve been crafting for all these years, we encourage you to request a free copy of our product catalog – in it, you’ll find detailed descriptions and beautiful photographs of every product we offer. Or, if you just have a few questions about our company or want to know the best season to plant your plumerias, we’re always happy to hear from you – just give us a call at 800.544.5276. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we hope you’ll get to enjoy the magic of your own backyard greenhouse!