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Camellias not so small, greenhouses suitable

Small Greenhouses

A variety of lush tropical flowers can be grown, whether they're kept in stationary or portable greenhouses. One such flower is the camellia, a particularly beautiful and fragrant genus often seen in bloom during the winter months at botanical gardens. Usually these institutions don't use small greenhouses, but rather are able to provide much more spacious structures that offer room for the camellias to flourish. And they usually like to have plenty of room for a number of different kinds of Camellias, becasue whether it's the delicately pink Camellia sasanqua, or "Pink Snow," or the sunny, vibrant Camellia japonica called "Marc Eleven," these Asian natives come in over one hundred species. With conspicuous flowers and glossy leaves, they are prized for their pleasant, elegant beauty and would complement any home greenhouse.

Stationary, portable, greenhouses grow Camellias

Portable Greenhouses

TSwedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, sometimes referred to as "the father of taxonomy," named the Camellia after Jesuit botanist Georg Joseph Kamel. The system that he invented for classifying organisms is still in use today by botanists. Other ideas of Linnaeus have been quite influential also. The flowering shrub or tree studied and named by Linnaeus, the camellia, is a slow-growing plant, and can be grown in large or small greenhouses, depending on the maturity and size of the plant. The fruit of the Camellia is a capsule and is rather dry. It can be divided into five sections. One interesting bit of trivia about the Camellia is that a number of Lepidoptera larvae, such as the Eurasian Tortricidae adn the Light Brown Apple Moth, feed on certain Camellias. The plant prefers acidic soil and requires a great deal of moisture. Whether one grows exotic plants in stationary or portable greenhouses, it's interesting to note this genus and the scientific classification structure used like a lattice framework to organize its veritable jumble of species:


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